On the future of personal music storage and playback

I think that in the future, blazing fast internet speed will be available everywhere and internet connections will be very cheap. When this happens, we will store music on the cloud instead of local storage (hard disk, CD) as we do now. And we will listen to music through portable battery powered modems that will stream music straight off the cloud – private or public, instead of having them play through our conventional music players.

My article is published at Evolt

I am glad to see my article published by Evolt, especially since they seem to select publish articles in the Usability/ IA column roughly once a year. The article is on interaction design and of interest to those in product management. It’s about preventive action in long web forms to make sure unnecessary loss in user conversion is plugged. Read the article: Increase Conversions in Long Web Forms by Resolving the Accidental Back Button Activation Issue.